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Are you ready for some Drama???

Time To keep it Supa G, My recap on WeTv |Marriage Boot Camp| Season 4. This season is already bananas but first let Me introduce the drama filled Casted Couples for this season & don’t forget to catch them every Friday on the WeTv network @9pm/8c

Mama June & Suga Bear


Sundy & Cedric Carter


Althea & Benzino


Sarah & Ink


Catherine & Sean

And trust me your hardly caught up, so the let me say the most explosive  couple yet has been Benzino & Althea. Zino doesn’t quite allow Althea to express her hurts and she try’s defending herself in most  situations but Zino approaches them so aggressively. He walks away from everything never hearing her out or solving the issue. The most secretive couple would be Sundy & Cedric Carter, Oh Boy the spool of thread Sundy’s been unwinding Cedric on can build him a solid blanket. Cedric’s heart is genuinely spoken for, you openly see his Love for Sundy, but it’s far from mutual. A complete shocker mentioned episode 1, a hook-up prior to the house  between to cast members Sundy & Benzino, like Whennn??? Most naïve couple would be Sarah and Ink, I say that to say they both have tainted their relationship with the Love of Threesomes. Sarah is ready to settle down & Ink may not be the man to consider it with. They both seem to have immature outlooks on a real Adult relationship & seem to be amused by the dramas of other relationships. The Rockiest relationship would be Mama June & Suga Bear, I say that because their  family is being torn apart behind Infidelity & Reality Tv if you ask me. They honestly seem the most distant and hardly speak & when they do it’s hardly positive. That saying “If looks could kill” Mama June got that Voodoo for you. Last but not least the most judgmental couple of the house goes to Catherine & Sean. These two have more issues then they’d agree too. However their focused on the hurts & dramas of others. Ready to walk on episode 1 due to how other couples handle their issues. Not realizing that they signed up for their own bull. The married couple and Host Elizabeth Carroll & Jim Carroll have more issues to solve then they know. The couples already completing a reality “Game Show” goal was to claim a quote they’d believe their significant other may have said.  Then shortly issued their personal rooms, which were covered with truthful hurts they’ve shared. Episode 2 will be a casket call. Watch with “We” as the couples share their tear jerking hurts during these fake funerals. Drama awaits us Popcorn… Check, Remote…Check, Tissue… Check| 9pm/8c WeTv | Marriage Boot Camp| Season4.


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