Aim For The Stars & Dream Bigger Than The Universe.  Ever felt like you were destined for greatness? GinaJay does.  An early 80’s Afro-Latina Queen born In the heart of Santa Ana, Ca. raised by her African American teenage mother & her African American stepfather. Adjusting to her stepfather father’s career  he moved his family to the Inland Empire. A small city located in sunny Southern California. This Queen has always had dreams bigger then Her Industrial  city could offer. The one thing her slow pace city does provide is a sense of peace,  An hour stretch west up the 10 or 60 Highway lies a very active  county Los Angeles, Ca. A county known For many Hollywood events and celebrity playgrounds. The proud city also represents   Party Goers, Hustlers, Hardworkers & Entrepreneurs.  Los Angeles is riddled with hidden talent & much of the Hollywood dreaming.  Wondered How GinaJay Established Her Career ? She begin in the music industry. Early 2014 after undergoing A few surgeries from a job related work injury,  she reconnected with the art of Journaling.  Something that brought her piece in her adolescent years. GinaJay found a niche on a social platform called Twitter. Quickly emerging as a blogger, her bold opinions attracted several celebrities.  She was offered multiple of opportunities for a permanent home to blog. Her heart did happen to settle with a site hosted by two syndicated radio personalities called  “The Durtty Boyz” out of ATL. Their site featured new  music, emerging artists, hot topics, exclusive interviews and more. A year after developing & securing her God given talent, she created her own site and launch the beginning of her brand and entrepreneurial business. GinaJay networked from the Inland Empire, LA an across many states. On a mission to advocate and herself in Entertainment, Media, & Medcinal Cannabis. If wonder how she came up with her Alias? “GinaJay.” It was developed  from the beginning of her social media Gina is a break off of her original name and “J”ay is the first initial in her last name. A pretty common name but a personality unique too many.  GinaJay’s closest friends encouraged her to believe in herself & the launch of her own company.  GinaJay.Info, was est. in early 2014. As a activist for the culture, she genuinely networked amongst many encouraging the growth of other’s.  GinaJay  recognized by an indie artist signed under “DiamondLane Music Group.” Interning as a P/A. Her hungry hustle became the clients manager & public relations for the growth of his career, In 2016 Ginajay parted ways, All while being discovered by another entertainment platform called IamHipHoptv she was given the position  as the california (GM) their General Manager. In 2017 she advanced as the CEO. Mid-Year GinaJay  was recruited by Actor/Host Slink Johnson aka Black Jesus & President of the “SmokeYours Crew.”  A Few Months Following She Teamed  Up with some dope ladies from the “Smoking Sisters Society” A group of ladies educating like minded people on the Art Of Staying Connected in the Cannabis Community. GinaJay was recognized as a cannabis activist, she advocates for medicinal cannabis to share the truth about plant medicine. Choosing a healthier way to  medicate for her clinical anxiety, insomnia, appetite, muscles spasms as more. A work related injury left her with chronic pain conditions. In early 2018 GinaJay joined a cannabis cultural YouTube show named, “The Roll Up Show.”  In march of 2019 GinaJay co-created & moderated a panel for a woman’s speaker series named “Taboo Talks.” A group of unapologetic business women in cannabis  sharing the must nots in our Industry. GinaJay  has gathered group’s of selfless Individuals & cannabis companies to give back to the less fortunate on skidrow. She was extremely honored to receive nominations for the California Cannabis Awards As “Influencer Of The Year” & “Activist Of The Year.” To keep up with GinaJay & her elevating growth towards her successes.  [Subscribe Now] & Support Her Movement Across All Platforms As She Networks Through A Pool of Great Talent, Music, Fashion, Food, Trees, & Grand Vibes.

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