Yo, What’s Tha Info?

Information is imperative these days.. but we rarely hear it from a real perspective. And we all know an Opinion is a mutha fu*ka. So those Thumbing through podcast thumble no further. Join GinaJay a reputable Cannabis Influencer and community activist as she speaks her mind on some touchy topics from Race, Spirituality, Cannabis, Sex and more press play to explore. 

Episode 1.

On This Episode Your Host GinaJay Will Touch Basis On Pop Smoke, BlueFace & Obama, Cleveland Browns Greg Robinson, Cannabis, Pisces Zodiac Sign, Plan B and more…

Episode 2.

This Episode Covers Current Events That Occurred From WithIn The Week, Lend me an ear or Two As I pot-cast On highly random Info & my sound on opinion. This week I cover Elizabeth Warren, Vanessa Bryant, Fury Vs. Wilder, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Susan Flower, James Brown, “Hear Me Out” Segment Shoutouts And More… Press Play To Explore!!

Episode 3.

This episode includes conversation about Lil Baby, Master P & Romeo, Oprah, Presidential Elections, Corona-virus, Summer Walker And More Press Play To Explore

Episode 4.

Episode 4 Includes….
Dolly Parton, Sarah Palin, Da Baby, Meg The Stallion, Josie Harris & Floyd Mayweather, Nicki Minaj & Hubby, Coronavirus, Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson, Rudy Gobert, Coachella, Cannabis & Sex….

Episode 5.

Episode 5 Includes…
All Things “COVID-19” aka “CORONA-VIRUS” Donald Trump, Kevin Durant, Idris Elba, Covid-19

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